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VIII Symposium for otorhinolaryngology for children

VIII Symposium for otorhinolaryngology for children was held in Zlatibor, from 11th to 14th of May, 2017. Registered as a national congress, VIII SAPO included close to 400 otorhinolaryngologists, pediatrist, anaesthesiologists, radiologists, surgeons, pulmologists and allergologists from Serbia and the region

Inside focus of this year VIII SAPO symposium was tonsillar adenoid problem in children, a challenge in everyday practice and most frequents in paediatrics and otorhinolaryngology.

The approach to tonsillar adenoid problem has been a dynamic one through the decades of modern medicine; opinions changed and some are still unresolved. This theme was actual in the this year’s SAPO and was discuses and lectured about, to uniform opinions in the treatment, improve quality of life and health protection of children..“ 

AbelaPharm Company, as a friend of SAPO, supported this symposium and additional educational activities that raised the overall quality of the expert meeting.

AbelaPharm presented herself on educational symposiums bearing the topics of respiratory infections. Olivera Ostojić, MD and the warden of the children hospital CHC ‘’ Dragiša MIšović”

presented experiences of her patients that used Propomucil® in therapy of this very important problem, under the topic, PropoMucil® – paediatrician aspect of use in children with respiratory infections.

As a conclusion, doctor Ostojić stressed out that the “combination of propolis and N-acetylcisteine in PropoMucil® syrup for kids represents a good choice in the therapy of uncomplicated acute respiratory infections in children, accompanied by mucus and coughing. The product is safe and efficient for use in all age groups and significantly improves the quality of life.

During the symposium were also presented the most recent works of our clinical personel in poster forms of their experiences with PropoMucil® products, medical personel of vast knowledge of their fields in acute respiratory infections, ear infections with secretions and allergic rhinitis:

  • „Propolis and N-acetylcysteine in therapy of acute respiratory infectiions in children.Sagić Lidija1, Milošević Katarina2, Ugrinić-Sklopić Bosiljka31City Institute of pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis of Belgrade, Serbia²University childred clinic, Belgrade, Serbia³City health centre  Zvezdara, Belgrade, Serbia
  • „Complementary study of PropoMucil® in treatment of acute respiratory infections of upper respiratory airways in children. “ Aleksandra Bajec-Opančina, Vladan Šubarević, Katarina Stanković; Mother and child Institute „Dr Vukan Čupić“, Belgrade, Serbia

„Results of using PropoMucil in children with hypertrophic adenoid, secretory inflammation of the middle ear with allergic rhinitis. “ Miljan Folić, Vladimir Nešić, Nenad Arsović; ORL and MFH Clinic, Clinical Centre of Serbia. Medical University of the University of Belgrade.