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4th multidisciplinary symposium under the name “Edema and angioedema of the head and neck” was held on the 1st of April 2017. In the hotel in Novi Sad staring at 10AM.

Symposium was accredited with 8 KME points for the lecturers and 4 KME points for the listeners.  A 102 ORL doctors and pediatrist from all around the Vojvodina.

AbelaPharm supported for the 4th time an organisation of this symposium as one of the main sponsors.

AbelaPharm was present with the stand and expert symposium where Aleksandra Bajec-Opančina MD presented the efiicacy and safety of PropoMucil ® syrup in the topic ‘’ Comparative study of PropoMucil® products in the treatment of acute respiratory upper airways infections in kids” She presented the efficacy and safety of PropoMucil ® syrup for kids in middle ear infections and PropoMucil® nose spray in rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa).

Study that included 173 kids was held from the January to April, 2016. In the Institute for mother and child „Dr Vukan Čupić“in Belgrade. Study was conducted by the attending ORL specialist from the hospital wing by: Aleksandra Bajec- Opančina MD, Vladan Šubarević MD, Katarina Stanković MD and Mladen Novković MD.
Study included two groups of children: group A- 100 children presenting with symptoms of secretory middle ear infection that were give PropoMucil® syrup for kids for one month (combination of purified and standardized propolis containing 12% polyphenols increasing its antimicrobial action, N-acetylcysteine, honey, marshmallow and rosehip extracts; Abela Pharm, Belgrade, Serbia) and
Group B- 73 children presenting with symptoms of nasal inflammation that was given for a month also PropoMucil® nasal spray.

As a conclusion, it was said that phytotherapy have shown the same safety and efficacy regarding conventional therapy.

According to our study, the use of multipotent herbal preparations such as (PropoMucil®) in therapies of secretory otitis and rhinosinusitis in children is justified having a positive effect on the children health and no adverse effects.

This is an original work and has been printed in full inside the Collection of works at this symposium.

After the lectures, a prize game was held in the organisation of the AbelaPharm Company.