PropoMucil® nasal spray and PropoMucil® EXTRA STRONG

Dual action – Double effect

  • PropoMucil® nasal spray and PropoMucil® EXTRA STRONG nasal spray represent a unique combination of two innovative ingredients:
    • Using innovative technology purified and all natural and standardized propolis extract (allergen free) – antimicrobial agent and
    • All natural N-acetylcysteine that breaks down mucus and forces it out!


PropoMucil® EXTRA STRONG nasal spray aside from propolis and N-acetylcysteine contains tannic acid that in contact with the mucosal membrane forms a thin protective layer that prevents adsorption of toxic substances and, constricts the nasal capillaries. This way, large quantity mucus production and its leakage from the nose is prevented.

PropoMucil® is a unique all natural combination of propolis and N-acetylcysteine that helps:

  • Remove nasal bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Fast and powerful mucus degradation
  • Ease nasal blockage and inflammation
  • Give relief from sinuses pressure inside the nasal cavity

Why PropoMucil nasal sprays?

  • Does not cause addiction if used for a prolonged period of time
  • Powerful and fast recovery
  • All natural
  • Safe
  • Can be used in combination with antihistamines or corticosteroids

20 ml – 150 spray doses

Who is it for?

  • Cold, sneezing fits, flu and allergy
  • Blocked airways
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Prevention of infection

How to use

  • Adults and kids over the age of 12: as needed, but no more than 6 times 2 sprays in each nostril.
  • Kids aged from 3-12 years: as needed but no more than 4 times 2 sprays in each nostril during the day.

20ml – 150 spray doses