PropoMucil® capsules

Dual action – Double effect

PropoMucil® capsules is the only product containing natural Propolis made and refined using innovative techniques, which incorporates all natural N-acetylcysteine (NAC) that dissolves mucus and forces it out!

  • Propolis – natural antimicrobial agent that also eases irritated mucosa. Propolis destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, and is also gluten and allergen free.
  • N-acetylcysteine is efficient against symptoms of respiratory issues accompanied by mucus production. N-acetylcysteine is a powerful mucolytic that breaks down links in viscous mucus making it less dense, more mobile and easier to remove.
  • Safe, natural and immediately available for use.

Why PropoMucil capsules?

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Inflammation is a starting point of all infections caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Mucus is formed which increases pressure in sinuses and lungs and is very hard to remove.

Airways are one of the easiest access for bacteria or viruses into our bodies. Common cold, flu and many bacterial infections are easily transmitted through coughing or sneezing, so a person suffering becomes a carrier of germs. A cough can point out to airway problems. Some people are more prone to airway or sinuses infections, especially kids. A runny nose and cold appear as a result of local nose mucosa infections.


Each infection or disease of airways begins with inflammation. Bacteria and viruses enter the airways and a dense mucus is formed and sticks to them so it is very hard to remove. With most airway issues a huge pile-up of mucus happens, which clogs up the airways and creates a good environment for bacteria growth. This is followed by wheezing, heavy breathing, lethargy and tiredness.


It is especially common in smokers that cannot remove that viscous mucus. These people have trouble performing their usual daily activity.

That is why PropoMucil® capsules capsules help get rid of that mucus and ease the breathing.

PropoMucil® capsules can be combined with antibiotics and/or antimycotics.

Oral antibiotics should be taken at least 2 hours prior to using PropoMucil® capsules.

Indications and posology


PropoMucil® represents a natural antimicrobial agent- due to Propolis and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) recommended for persons with respiratory problems followed by increased mucus formation.

PropoMucil® contains: a 20% dry extract of Propolis (standardized to 12% total polyphenols), and 20% N-acetylcysteine.

PropoMucil® capsule – Dosage:

Adults and children older than 12 years 3 x 1-2 capsules per day, after a meal

Children from 3 to 12 years 3 x 1 capsule daily after meal

Shake before use!


  • Oral antibiotics should be taken at least 2 hours prior to taking PropoMucil® capsules or syrup.
  • Use in pregnancy, during lactation or by kids younger than 3 years of age is not recommended.
  • Product should not be taken by persons sensitive to any of the ingredients listed in the product specification, also persons during acute asthma attack, acute obstructive laryngitis, gastritis, bile stones etc.
  • If the product is used with nitro-glycerine, a headache can occur as side effect.