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Propolis in PropoMucil

PropoMucil® is a natural antimicrobial agent – propolis with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is persons with respiratory issues accompanied with mucus.

PropoMucil® contains a highly purified and technologically derived all natural propolis with high content of total polyphenols, with incorporated N-acetylcysteine.

PROPOLIS in PropoMucil® has a high efficacy against bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is allergen and gluten free so there is no potential risk of allergic reactions.

Did you know

Herbs create waxy substances (resin) rich in polyphenols that act agains bacteria, viruses and fungi. The bees create propolis from this resin, covering the beehive and inside of it so no infections despite high temperatures and environment cannot develop, thus disibnfecting and protecting their home to insure survival.

  • The chemical structure of propolis is different and contains wax. The most teste dout and most used propolis comes from Brazil, Brazilian Green Propolis, next is brown propolis, Brown Propolis, from Europe, North Asia and South America. They all have loads of polyphenols, complexes of phenolic acid and flavonoids that are responsible for its antimicrobial action.
  • Propolis contains ~ 50% rasins, is rich in polyphenols (free forms of flavonoids, phenolic acid and aglycans of bioflavonoids and glycosides), ~ 30 % of bees’ wax, ~ 10 % of essential oil, 5 % of pollen and 5% of different organic compounds.
  • Propolis is of a very complex structure, so no lab cannot recreate a product that it possess and imitates its action. But the advantage of propolis in PropoMucil® is that he is technologically incorporated using sophisticated techniques and through multiple extraction process purified and enriched, leading to an extract with a much richer integral content of polyphenols (phenolic acid, bioflavonoids, aglycans and glycosides) and of higher efficacy, without any unnecessary ingredients.
  • Efficacy, with no additional ingredients that don’t contribute.
  • Propolis is a powerful antioxidative agent, immunostimulator, preventing cell damage from free radicals, reduces oxidative stress and improves imunity. Propolis has anesthetic, reducing pain that often follows the illness.

PROPOLIS in PropoMucil® has:

  • 1high antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative efficacy,
  • 2local and systematic action
  • 3alergen and gluten free