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Professor Vesna Škodrić Trifunović – MD. Specialist of internal medicine- pulmonologist

Professor Vesna Škodrić Trifunović – MD. Specialist of internal medicine- pulmonologist

Love and cough cannot be concealed

You have cough and are prone to respiratory infections?

You suffer cold more than once a year? You have a feeling that somehow you get more respiratory infections than others? Coughing for days and weeks? And the cough is insufferable? You now realize how a seemingly small problem can wear you down – both physically and psychologically.

What you need to know about coughing?

Cough is a defence mechanism that removes foreign bodies or secretion from the respiratory airways. However, as most of defensive mechanisms do, it overreacts- starts harming the body itself. If the cough persists for more than 6 weeks, it is considered as chronic. Chronic cough may lead to exhaustion, headaches, poor sleep, muscle pain, and in some patients it can cause urine retention.

The causes of chronic cough may vary: draining of the secretion from the upper respiratory ways (sinusitis, rhinitis),

Gastric acid reflux, some medicaments, respiratory system infections or other lung diseases (asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease). The most common infections of the respiratory system are: the common cold, flu (caused by virus), bronchitis (acute- lasting up to 2 weeks, or chronic- repeats more times during the year, totally lasting around 2 months a year), pneumonia, bronchodilation due to repeated infections (bronchiectasis), tuberculosis and other.

When to go to the doctor?

Since cough may be due to insignificant but also very severe diseases, the cause must always be determined, and after that an appropriate therapy must be taken. If you have a cough that is accompanied by fever (over 38⁰C) for more than 2 or 3 days, excreting large amounts of secretions than usual, or the secretion is yellowish or greenish in color, it is necessary to consult your doctor, because it is probably the case of respiratory tract infection, and your doctor will decide on further therapy options

How else can we help- help from Nature?

What you can do by yourself is using natural products that are proven to help fight infections, help dissolve mucus and secretions and ease their excretion, and eliminate the possibility of fertile grounds for new bacteria development.

Professor Vesna Škodrić, MD: „PropoMucil® contains propolis (whose medical characteristics are known for thousands of years) and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – natural mucolytic, proven in many clinical studies to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi, dissolves secretion, eases its excretion and helps prevent further infection development.

Some patients are more prone to respiratory infections than others, especially chronic patients that can risk severe illness progression and outcome. This is why in chronic patients, all kinds of prevention is recommended (seasonal vaccination, no contact with people with respiratory diseases, empowering natural immunity system), one more reason to take a natural product with proven protective effect against flu, such as PropoMucil®, which is also very safe in regards to any adverse effects.

„That is why I recommend it“

–Professor Vesna Škodrić, MD – „in patient with cough and mucus and inclination to respiratory infections should use PropoMucil®. “

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