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Professor Nenad Arsović, MD – specialist of otorhinolaryngology

First of all, my patients have many mucus problems, because it causes infections in all upper respiratory-gastric system, and is one of the symptoms most affecting the quality of life of the patient. Whether it is acute illnesses or prodromal stadium of illness, there is secretion that leads to many problems in patients.

The base is that mucus first appears in the prodromal stadium of the disease, and points out to the possibility of developing an acute respiratory infection or acute rhinosinusitis. The best thing to do at this time is NOT antibiotics, but secretolytic agents and nose drops, decongestants, that can at that time prevent further illness development and prevent secondary infection, that is, a bacterial infection.

Increased secretion- mucus is best resolved with secretolytic agents and there is a new product called Propomucil – he too reduces mucus and inflammation, or increase secretolytic function and ease mucus excretion. In these patients, if we react in time, no superinfection will occur, and new acute symptoms development can, in fact, be prevented.