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African Plum consideres her responsibility very seriously in regards to pation’s confidentiality. is a page of the African Plum brand for a company:

Proton System d.o.o., Viline Vode bb, Slobodna Zona Belgrade, MB: 17234498.

(In the rest of the text- website) is commited to protect your privacy and enable the best experience you can have on our web page. To most efficiently use your time on our web page, we might need some personal informacion from you that will help us adjust the contents on the pages regarding your preferences and wishes.


We beg that you read this statement so that you can understand how we respect and handle your personal data. This statement might change si we recommend frequent checks.


This privacy policy shows the ways of how African Plum uses all the data collected. By giving your personal information and accepting the Privacy Policy you are accepting the usage of your personal data in ways described in this policy. If the Privacy policy should change, the changed text will be published on this web page. Via continual use of the site and by giving your contact informations during online ordering and providing feedbacks you also accept the changes of Privacy Policy.


Privacy statement is a document guaranteeing protection of the privacy for all of our internet customers.  Website may be viewed free of charge and with no commitments of identity reveal or any personal data demands. If you decide to use some of our services (Question, Chating, Ordering, Commenting, Experiences), it is necessary to leave personal informaction so we can better process your request whatever it may be. (When leaving a question, we require contact info in order to replay or send feedback, regarding ordering or access to express mail services).


DATA COLLECTING – ways and reasons

Website looks for your personal data only if and when you want to use some of our services and arbitrarily fulfil the forms on our page.

If you visit our web page, our web provider will automatically record your IP address, search engine, domain name, time of visit, web address of the site you visited from, all described in this Privacy policy.

We use this data for statistical analysis on page usage, with the goal of quality increase of our services.

Comment: our web provider does not record you e-mail address or any other data that could be used for your personal identification. You may detach from data recording of this data if you correctly access our website (more on that later in the text).

Data we collect:

  • Domain and IP address
  • Browser kind and operating system kind that accesed our site
  • Time and duration of visit
  • Pages visited
  • If linked, addresss of the site that was used
  • If you send us your information we shall record the following:
  • Questions
    (Name, e-mail – on which we can answer)
    Contact data and quations are stored inside internal cloud as long as the author does not request the question removal.


  • Online ordering for Serbia
    (Name and surname, address, phone and e-mail address)
    Contact details enter local CRM that holds information as long as the buyer does not request its removal. Database is help on the local company server insede the huilding on a protected DropBox. Other sent customer related information is held on the server for one year.


  • Online ordering outside Serbia
    (Name and surname, address, phone and e-mail address)
    Contact details enter local CRM that holds information as long as the buyer does not request its removal. Database is help on the local company server insede the huilding on a protected DropBox.


Other sent customer related information is held on the server for one year.

  • Application for a game
    (Name and surname, address, phone and e-mail address) * if needed, we might have some additional information needed inside game applications in accordance with the Law on Luck Games of the Republic of Serbia)
    Data for games are hels as stated for the game itself and no longer. In any time, the user may ask for removal of his/her information.


  • Applying to the newsletter
    (Name and surname, address)
    Using the Newsletter, the fields are clearly indicated as to what information you wish to give and receive. You have all time access to your page and can stop receiving the newsleted and cancel your subscription in which case, all personal data is deleted as well.


  • Online chat support
    (IP address, e-mail)
    to sowtware will record your IP address and your location during the communication. Privacy policy can be viewed on their site or follow the link in the description. Alternatively, you may share your e-mail address and name so we can contact you if necessary. Data is collected and guarded inside local dat base until deletion is commissioned.


  • Leaving a comment
    (Name/nickname, e-mail address, IP address)
    *Anonimous nickname or e-mail address may be submitted to the services of Gravatar for service requirement checks. Here you can se the Policy of privacy of Gravatar. After comment approval, your profile picture will be visible to public. Comments are kept as long as no claims for removal or if are breaking website ideology.


  • Content posting
    (jpg, gif, png databasea, IP address)
    If you want to post pictures on the website, try to avoid pictures with personal data or location pictures (EXIF GPS). These can be used to determine your location and the place the picture was taken. Content may be kept as long as their usefulness lasts (luck-game, photo application) or the author requests the erasing of the document.


  • Experience posting
    (Name and surname, e-mail, experience)
    Experiences and data are recorded directly on the internal server and are kept there until deletion. It will remain as such for one year yet only locally and will not be sent enywhere else or used in any market purposes. Information of ypour medical condition is kept strictly locally and will not be sent enywhere else or used in any market purposes. They are recorded purely for better understanding of your needs and to enable us to better understand and provide appropriate services.



Your personal data are used for:

  • So we can dispatch ordered items to the appropriate address
  • So we can send gifts, vouchers, invitation etc.
  • So we can send them to the delivery company. Via this direct contact, you will avoid eventual problems regarding delivery.
  • So we can inform you of any changes in our offers, special offers, and important changes on our web page.
  • All information collected will not be used fpr any other purpose than those stated in the privacy policy statement.



Website will not sell, rent or give your Personal information to any third party, if that is not necessary in order to give the service required. If you do not wish to receive information about or website changes, the new regarding our offers or similar information, you may freely inform us. You name will be removed from the list, shortly after your request is received


Information of you that we may share:

  • To other Proton System brends
  • To reliable third party sources that we can trust, and that provide delivery services (Post Office of Serbia, City Express) – list is in the text below.
  • To custom offices on the territory of the Republic of Serbia
  • To Proton System employees to provide better service for the customers as well as better marketing services.
  • To third parties that provide us with services- list in the rest of the text. (Proton System d.o.o.) may reveal personal client information:

  • If the court demands as such
  • If it is necessary to keep the right and protect ownership of our web pages
  • If necessary for customer safety or public safety.



Website cares a lot that all collected data are safe and secure from loss, changes, unauthorized access or any kind of malverzation.

Website is on the safe SSL server. We apply stricts safety procedures in regards to keeping or revealing information so that we can stop the information from reaching an unauthorised personel or other sites.

Links on our site lead to other sites. We cannot be held responsible for the policy or procedures on data safety or content on those other sites.



What is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which European Parliament, Europian Union Council and the European Commission are making sure that all individual data is protected for the European Union (EU). It created rules on data safety in Europe and applies to Companies inside EU and global companies. The regulation is active sice May 2018. 2018.


How GDPR affects organisations/websites?

Apart from strenghtenong and standardization of data privacy for the EU customers, it might require additional processes for all organisations handling personal data of EU citizens, no matter where the organisation is located.


Third party Reason Country Website
City Express Address delivery Serbia
Post of Serbia Deliver outside the country Serbia
Carina Srbije i zemalja u koje se šalje roba Deliver outside the country Serbia
MailChimp Newsletter delivery USA Live chat services UK
PayPal Online payment for foreign markets USA
Beotel, Inet, Ninet Hosting – e-mail services Serbia
Trello Internal storage of ino-papers and monitoring Australia
Slack Internal system for better offer handling on social networks USA
Facebook, Instagram Chat and messenger ordering USA,
DropBox Backup internal user databases USA
Wordfence Safety of website and users
Limits Login Attemps Safety of  websajta
iThemesSecurity Safety of website and users

Here you may read the complete safety policy.


GDPR-a ‘Personal data’’ is explained in this article.

Websites dealing with personal data will have to ensure for their users:


  1. Accesibility to their information from the organisation/websire per demand
  2. Deletion of all records for that person
  3. Clear explanation upon site entry about which data is collected
  4. Where and when the data is used
  5. Is the data shared, and if so, to whom
  6. How long are the records kept



In order to give the best service possible, information may be given to the mentioned suprocessors: On their sites you may view privacy policies but they all adhere to GDPR regulations.



Personal data is collected and kept in our database located on our internal server, and as needed we can share some of it to some subprocessors that are GDPR regulated, we also keep records as e-mail lists usind software Mailchimp (e-mail marketing and marketing automatisation) that have adjusted their work ethics to GDPR regulations (Mailchimp privacy policy), for as long as one year. Paypal keeps records on foreign customers (PayPal privacy policy), backup bases are located on the protected DropBox (DropBox privacy policy) site in order to monitor and control easitl packages outside our country,  Tracking Code of sent products is located on the internal Trello site (Trello privacy policy) and can be shared via software for internal communication Slack (Slack privacy policy). Safety data (WordfenceLimit Login AttempsiThemesSecurity) may record IP address and keep in order to put on black lists in order to protect the website and other customers.  Ordering via messenger or Facebook and Instagram means you already accepted thir privacy policies.



  • For ordering from Serbia
    • Local server – Excel:
      Duration: User database of the 1st degree we keep for 10years after which it is transferred to the database of old users. When demanded, personal information are deleted from any databases we have.
    • DropBox – Excel:
      Duration: User database of the 1st degree we keep for 10years after which it is transferred to the database of old users. When demanded, personal information are deleted from any databases we have.
    • Hosting Email – MSG/Text
      Duration: Max: 1 year


  • Ordering from outside the country
    • WP Database – SQL:

Duration: Indefinitely or until deletion demand.

  • Lokal server– Excel:
    Duration: User database of the 1st degree we keep for 10years after which it is transferred to the database of old users. When demanded, personal information are deleted from any databases we have.
  • Hosting Email – MSG/Text
    Duration: Max: 1 year
  • Posting questions/ experiences/ other site content
    • Lokal server – Excel:
      Duration: User database of the 1st degree we keep for 10years after which it is transferred to the database of old users. When demanded, personal information are deleted from any databases we have.
    • Hosting Email – MSG/Text
      Duration: Max: 1 year
    • Hosting Email – MSG/Text
      Duration: Max: 1 year
  • Prijava za Newsletter

Mailchimp database
Duration: Indefinitely or until deletion demand

  • Lokal server – Excel
    Duration: Indefinitely or until deletion demand



By using our website you are accepting that we can collect cookies and IP addresses and acces them, to use ithr methods of data collection about using the website and better your experience on our website.

Due to recent changes in laws, all websites active around European Union must receive approval for using and keeping cookies (or similar technologies) on your computers or mobile devices. This policy gives you clear and relevant information on cookies that iur website uses and why we use them.

For any further information, please contact us on



By continuing to use our website, you agree to receiving cokokies to your computer in order for you to find out what kind of detailed information we collect to analize your visit on our website. Please, read the Cookie policy carefully if you wish to know what information is being collected. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you wil not be able to use this site.


Cookies are small databases stored on your computer via website visited or certain messages or e-mails that you open. They have a vide use so that websites can function properly and their owners can have work and marketing data available.

Cookies that we use on the site help us ensure better experience on the webpage, they record your comments and help us improve the site. By accesing our websites you aggry to accept cookie privacy policy utilization, independent on the device used to acces the site.




Cookies have a text formation that holds information about the visitor. For it to work properly, the cookie does not necessary need to know your exact location, just your browser.

Some cookies we use may hold some more personal info about you. However, those information are kept only if they were posted by yourself on the website.



After giving consent for cookie usage, a cookie will be saved on your device that wil safe the setings for the next visit. This stops being valid after a period of time (13 months). If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you will need to delete the cookie in the web browser settings. For all additional information and cookie blocking or deletion, please visit



Internet browsers enable you settings regarding cookie policies. It will most likely be in the menu (Options) or (Preferences).  We also names some links that may be useful if you wish to understand cookie settings more. For more information, use (Help) option on your browser


Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
 Cookie settings in Safari




Cookies are used for collecting statistical data on how our users use our sites. For example, for:

  • Collecting feedback information on customer satisfaction via surveys on our websites;
  • Gaining Intel on how our users use the website so that we can improve their experience on it.


Target cookies

Target cookis are connected to servoces that are supported by third parties, such as the buttons „Like” or „Share”. Third parties give these services as a substitute for the information on the site visitation freuency.

Connecting scial networks like Facebook may lead that those pages use your personal information and use it onother sites for marketing purposes.

Cookies givemarketing agencies information on your visit so they can offer commercials that might interest you.All these third party cookies are monitored by hird party persons and additional information on them should be asked from those third parties.By using our site, you are accepting our cookie privacy policy as well as target cookies. In some ases, accepting these cookies may represent a condition for visiting the site (if you disable hem/block them we cannot quaratee the full efficacy of our websites.

You may choose permanent deletion from these advertisments by isiting



This webpage uses Google Analytics for analysing page usage of the sites. Google Analytics utilizes cookies for collecting standard data on page usage (IP address etc) and ransfers it to Google. Infirmation are then used for statistical analysis of webpage usage, making reports and following website activity.

Google rules on privacy are available on the address:


Google developed additional programs for browsers for JavaScript Google analytics that can be turned off (ga.js, analytics.js, and dc. js). If you wish to be deleted from the Google analytics, you may download and install additional program on your browser. For additional information, click here.



This webpage implements and may use Google Display advertisement to support zour interests on the internet (remarketing). In order to make your interests, Google will follow your actions on the site using cookies.

You may review, delete or add categories of interests on your browser using Google manager, recommended adverts, available on: However, this mechanism for signing off requires a cookie, so if you delete all cokkies from your browser, this mechanism will not be supported. In order for the mechanism to work on a certain browser, you should check your Google browser.




This web-software utilizes a group of activities that you perform on our web page, in order to better understand customer experience and its improvement. This service may record mouse clicks, mosuse movement, any text added, except the text you insert during ordering. CrazyEgg does not record personal identification data.

You can dsable this service on




This web-software allows us to answer in the fastest possible time period- real time- and answer al your questions. is a software that adheres to GDPR regulation (more on their policy here).




Safety addition:

  • Wordfence
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • iThemesSecurity

May use your IP address (anonymously) and block it from accesing our website if there is a possibility of unsanctioned and malware elements. Plug-ins may update public “black list” with IP addresses that attacks were identified from as to protect other sites that use the same data.



In any moment you may demand cancelation from our lists, or for us to send you your information from our databases. You can also demand deletion of the personal information via request on, titled: GDPR.

You can also talk to us via telephone: +381 11 20 70 807 or come personally to the address of our base, with previous announcement: on Viline vode bb, Slobodna Zona Belgrade.

The role of GDPR Offices is dual:

  • Ivan Miljanić –
  • Mladen Perić –



Informations on this page are informational only. Although, the site content is up to date regarding products, marketing, sales, accuracy, completion or accessibility to information, we do not give statements on such.Any reliance on web information is on your own personal risk.

Under any surcumstances the website will not be held responsible for loss or dissatisfaction of users that can arise as a result of something read on our web pages, or could be inferred from the site content.

Via using this page, you can connect to other web pages that are not controlled by We do not have control over the nature, contents, accuracy or accessibility on those location sites. The existence of such links does not necessarily mean compliance to their contents or oppinions posed on those sites.



Although we always try our best to ensure precision, full information, accuracy, up to date info and their usability that are sent from the users of our products, on the page User’s experiences we have presented individual cases collected via mail, phone, social networks, so they are not a guarantee for success that was done in controlled and monitored conditions.

As much the time permits usm we will strive to be available to our customers for all information required for our product use, but cannot guarantee success.



As we cannot follow our customers, we deny any responsibility abd do not axept money retrival for products ordered in cases of dissatisfaction (what was hoped for). In other words, money can be returned only in case of delivery problems, delivery delay, and inadequate product description or packaging mistake. (This applies also for INO orders via PayPal and also for customers from Serbia that pay upon recival of the product).



All contents inside our BLOG section may be insiper by web content not in our jurisdiction, and as such can only be seen as an avice and opinions of our expers that we leave for the customer to evaluate and accept/decline. We wave responsibility of data accuracy on these pages.

We are doing our best to maintain this webpage. However, website will not be responsible for inaccesability due to technical difficulty outside our control.



All changes in privacy statement will be recorded here, so that visitors can always know which info is being collected, how they are used and in which situations they are used with third parties.