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Expert meeting for the Society of private apothecaries SPAS

On the 3rd of March 2017. 36th Expert meeting of the Society private apothecaries, SPAS, was held in Metropol- Palace in Belgrade.

Meeting attended over 350 guests from all areas of the pharmaceutical fields.
An expert lecture was held under the name ‚‚Is there a place of probiotics in functional diseases of the gastrointestinal tract”, by the professor Njegica Jojić, MD with the support of the Abela Pharm Company.

AbelaPharm was the main event holder of this expert meeting and had representation holding a stand with products and expert symposium called ‘’PropoMucil- maintain your airways healthy’’ by Dejan Žujović, MD. Doctor Žujović presented the results of the study conducted on patients with COLD, asthma, chronic and acute bronchitis using PropoMucil against placebo control group. This proved and explained the efiicacy of PropoMucil in getting rid of mucus from the airways, as well as his antimicrobial efficacy in 100 tested patients.

As a conclusion, Dejan Žujović MD stresses out that “the combination of propolis and N-acetyl cysteine in PropoMucil® represents a good choice in reducing the symptoms in patients with COLD, asthma and obstructive lung disease, as well as enhancing their life quality.“