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Expert accredited meeting in Theatre Carte Blanche in Belgrade

On 22nd of March, 2017 at 7:30PM in the Theatre Carte Blanche in Belgrade, an expert accredited meeting that included 120 doctors and pharmacists was held.

Themes were cantered on symptom prevention and therapy of gastroenterological and cardiological diseases. Žujović MD presented the results of the study in patients with COLD, asthma, chronic and acute bronchitis using PropoMucil against control group, which proved efficacy of PropoMucil for mucus excretion for the airways, as well as his antimicrobial actions in 100 patients tested.

Meeting themes:

  • “Renaissance of probiotic monocultures in contemporary clinical practise” Tomica Milosavljević, MD, CCS, Clinic of gastroenterology
  • PropoMucil®- our experiences” Dejan Žujović, MD, City Institute for pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis, Belgrade
  • „The place of ARTEROprotect® and CARDIOvitamin® in cardiovascular disease prevention“, Goran Popović, MD, Medigroup, Belgrade

As a conclusion, Dejan Žujović MD pointed out that  ‘’The combination of propolis and N-acetyl cysteine in PropoMucil® represents a good choice for reducing symptoms of chronic obstructive lung diseases as well as improving overall quality of life. “