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Ceremonial academy in celebration of 80 years from the start of the Institute for pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis in Niš

Between 17.-18. Of May 2017. A Ceremonial academy was held in celebration of 80 years since the start of the Institute for pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis in Niš. This institute was founded in Niš, in 1937.

According to the records from the Ministry of Health, in Serbia there is 320 thousand of people living with the chronic obstructive lung disease and it presents a 5th leading cause of dead in Serbia. Knowledge of the disease is not overspread, but it can be prevented and treated, even easier when all the risks are removed.

Chronic obstructive lung disease presents with a partial or constant constriction of airways causing limited airflow that leads to hardened breathing and other symptoms (lung obstruction with mucus that is hard to get rid of).

Even though COLD in not curable for now, if found in time and appropriate therapy is conducted, its development can be slowed down leading to a normal overall quality of life for the patient.

This is why AbelaPharm supported this accredited meeting that involved over 300 pulmologists and pneumo physiologists from all around the Serbia. AbelaPharm with its products PropoMucil® and Bulardi® represents a company that gives a new therapy possibility for the pulmologists and pneumo physiologists to help their patients, reduce their illness, reduce symptoms and improve patients’ life quality.

The combination of propolis and N-acetyl cysteine in PropoMucil® represents a good choice for reducing symptoms of chronic obstructive lung diseases, stable asthma and pneumonias; diseases that are accompanied with mucus and coughing. Product is efficient and safe for use in all age groups and significantly improves the quality of life for the patient.