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56. ORL international week , Orl week, PropoMucil

In October, 2016. A 56. ORL international week was held in the hotel Jugoslavija“. The meeting was very crowded with over 350 registered ORL specialists, general practitioners and paediatrists from all regions.

Abela Pharm represented herself to the educational symposium through the lecture named ’’PropoMucil: our experiences’’ held by Bajec-Opančina from the Institute for mother and child ‘’Dr Vukan Čupić’’.

Bajec-Opančina MD, presented results of the PropoMucil kid’s syrup and PropoMucil kids nasal spray clinical trials. Studies were conducted from the 1st of January to 1st of April, 2016. In the Institute for the mother and child ‘’Dr Vukan Čupić’’.

  • The goal of monitoring was to assess efficacy and safety of PropoMucil® kid’s syrup in children with middle ear infection (secretory otitis media). Study included 100 children that used PropoMucil syrup for one month. During monitoring, there was a significant reduction in the number of children with blocked (58% vs. 95%).  A statistically significant improvement of all clinical parameters was observed in middle ear infection (otoscopic findings, tympanogram, hearing improvement, nasal obstruction, reduced coughing).
  • Study assessed efficacy and safety of PropoMucil kids’ nasal spray with symptoms of acute rhinitis or rhino adenoiditis. 69% of all children had improvement of the symptoms and general conditions of the disease. There were no adverse effects, and most of their parents have confirmed through a questionnaire that they are satisfied with the quality and action of PropoMucil kids’ nasal spray.

In kids with nasal secretions (runny nose) it reduced the number of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Moraxella catarrhalis), which was confirmed via microbiological nasal swab analysis.

This confirmed clinical efficacy and safety of PropoMucil syrups and PropoMucil kids’ nasal spray with middle ear infection, rhinitis (inflammation of nasal mucosa).