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Natural Antimicrobial - Dissolves Secretion

100% natural • 100% safe to use

Clinically proven

Enhances lung and respiratory system immunity

High antimicrobial and antibacterial efficacy


Why PropoMucil®?

And what is it's speciality?

Get rid of mucus, and breathe freely

PropoMucil® products will help get rid of mucus from the lungs fast and enable you to start breathing normally again!

  • Dual action- high antimicrobial and antibacterial efficacy
  •  Enhances lung and respiratory system immunity
  •  Clinically proven
  •  It is made out of natural ingredients
  •  100% safe to use
  •  Allergen free
  •  Innovative
  •  Special gifts for online ordering
  •  Expert consultations available


Vesna, 34 years

The worst cold I have had so far. Coughing, my mucus drained down my throat, my nose was running. Every day I felt only worse. I cough so much I cannot sleep, and it is the worst in the mornings, it’s a catastrophe…

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Mirjana, 32 years

mother to a 6-years old Lene

My child had me concerned, She listened TV on loud, yelled when she spoke, and could respond to my calls until she saw me. Her nose is running, she keeps reaching for her ear and has mucus going down her throat…

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Ivan, 48 years

When I speak or laugh my cough starts in the middle of the sentence, usually during long conversations my mucus drained down my throat, my nose was running, usually during spring or autumn. My doctor took smears and wrote I had a vasomotor…

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